Fri Jun 27, 5: Dad runs Linux as well! Remember that there are many components inside the PC case generating EM noise. Accs Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: I located the swap partition on my rpm conventional hard drive. The P55 is also compatible with the yet to be released Havendale processors.

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I just want stuff to work, and keep on working until the power goes off.

SP2, hotpatches, special drivers, and even make your install unattended where it will completely install without having to l45 a bunch of stupid questions.

Ex I’m not sure I’m helping much here.

It also provides for the redhat-config-httpd, etc. Here I am trying to research my purchase beforehand, and I get yapping and sniping from some “can’t be bothered talking to you n00bs” braniacs, and some sultry “well, if you require hand holding, then fuck off back to windows, tard-features”.

Here’s how I got it working: GUI tools to set up Apache, and so on.

Not that you need to do that, given the standalone driver above. I don’t even know what Red Hat is doing these days. I’m in the market for a new cpu and motherboard, with the intention of making a Linux box that handles four Tbyte drives. Being an electrical engineer, I wanted to comment on the washer use, because it brings p455 a good issue.

There are exceptions of course but for a personal work station this seems to be the optimal point right now. Or in a script use amixer: For the SSD partitions, I used ext3 but raised the commit time from 5 sec to sec and I may raise that furtherand also specify noatime. The recent launch of the Phenom II line of processors being an exception. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

intdl It apparently it had work itself loose and during my troubleshooting it was providing intermittent connections. As for nearly all the other stuff – I am nearly positive that a P45 would work just fine on just about any distribution, even on Ubuntu.

Perhaps they do their own kernel updates more often. Since we only have that in the Experimental repo for M11, we’d have to put it there.


I always seem to screw up my first install of an OS, and have to repeat the process. I’m thinking of getting the same board, that’s why I just wanted to ask if in your case hibernation and suspend mode work “out of the box” with Asus P5QC and e. A March note on the hwmon hardware support page indicates that all known attempts to implement Linux support for Intel QST had apparently stalled: ATI drivers have historically blown hard on linux.

Therefore, as it’s used lniux, it will remove everything beginning with “nvidia.

Other than that the install went smoothly. Ethernet Driver Asus supplies a linux driver via module source code for the Atheros adapter on their website. Also, the manufacturer is taking a very active role in developing the firmware, so I’m sure full AHCI support is coming. In any case, I had no problems with the limux.

Intel open sources Linux driver for latest graphics chipset

Or hereor here. By the way this doesn’t imply I know where support is currently for the chipsets you are inquiring about just that the development cycle is more or less the same from chip set to chip set. Intfl install program inte, that it couldn’t find an ethernet adapter. I would expect most things to still work based on the device classbut specific device names will be unknown and workarounds won’t be in effect. Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound Memory: Suspend and hibernate appear to work normally in minimal tests.