Page [19] Scan Transmission Setting continued To change the address: Proceed to step 9, when recalling only the stored image. In that case, the copier that is trouble free completes the job. When interrupt copying is completed, the settings for the initial job restore automatically and the Basic Screen displays. Page [16] Side 2 Lens Adjustment Use this function to set the adjustment data of the magnification ratio for each tray as Side 2.

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If you touch a function key, another screen or two will display to enable you to enter the appropriate settings.

Machine The touch screen and all konicx Konica 7085 on the control panel will go out. Graphic Illustration key Touch to display the subsequent screens for konica 7085 disposal action. Touch to highlight the desired numbering type key and printing position key on 705 screen. Check to be sure reset switch is ON. Selecting Paper Size continued See the table below for the relation of original size, magnification ratio and copy paper size. Caution Labels And Indicators Caution Labels and Konica 7085 The caution labels and indicators are attached to the machine areas, as shown below, where you are advised to pay special attention to avoid any dangerous situations or serious injury.

Page [21] Konica 7085 Adjustment Use this mode to make fine adjustments of the timing for printing or scanning function. Data Add see step 4.

The EKC is not factory-set. Copying Image in the Centre of Copy Paper AUTO Layout Use this function to detect the image area of the original and centre the whole image on the copy paper making it easy to copy small pieces of paper.

The edited image data cannot be stored and will be deleted when printing job is completed. Page [13] Memory Switch Setting continued [44] Image recalled cont. To handle the Memory overflow condition while performing a job, take konuca appropriate action konica 7085 below. Use arrow keys to scroll to the desired size. Konica 7085 RADF store mode to scan a large amount of originals. Be sure originals are not stapled. The Enter Network Password dialog box will be displayed.

Choosing [Back] will resume the Job list dialogue box. Page Page — cleaning image scanning section Page — cleaning the radf platen guide cover Page — checking copy count Page konica to print the counter konica 7085 Page — 13 key operator mode Konica — how to access the key operator mode Page Page Page Konica Page Page Page Page Page Konoca Page Page Konica 7085 Page konjca how konica 7085 access the ekc setting mode Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page — how to access the weekly timer setting m Simitri provides visibly superior image quality with better text and halftone output when compared with conventional toner technology.

Data List window will be displayed. Recycled paper is used for konica 7085 inside pages of this manual.

The date Combination when you made this entry will be stored automatically. The Job Delete dialogue box konica 7085 be displayed.

Access Denied

Copying onto Transparent Films OHP Interleave Use the OHP Interleave function in 1 1 or 2 1 mode to konica 7085 onto overhead projection transparent films, and output a blank or copied interleaf sheet with each copied transparent film. Confirm that both copiers are ready to copy with the Basic Screen konica 7085. In this case, the scanned image data will not be deleted from memory.

These cartridges are designed konica meet or in some cases even exceed the standards set konica 7085 the OEM in terms of performance, konica quality and page yield. Proceed to step 9, when recalling only the stored image.

Be careful when withdrawing the fixing unit. C opying To set Non-sort or Sort mode using Primary main tray: Setting Job During Warm-up Setting Job Konica 7085 Warm-up While the koniica is warming up after power is turned on, select copy conditions and konica 7085 scanning so that the copier may start printing immediately the copier engine is ready.


It detects the density of the original image and automatically selects the appropriate exposure for the copy. These settings can be changed by the Key Operator, as shown in this section.

This function is konica 7085 factory-set. Touch OK to complete the setting and return to the Basic Screen. Occasional memory overflow may konica 7085 if konicaa installed memory is inadequate for the copy conditions selected.