If there are, you may have used a driver not recommended by the ndiswrapper website, your NIC card may be faulty, your NIC could be Linux compatible, or your ndiswrapper or kernel installation could have been faulty. If you installed a new version of the kernel and your system fails to reboot correctly, refer to the “Kernel Crash Recovery” section of Chapter 33, ” Modifying the Kernel to Improve Performance ” for help. WEP Key Generation WEP encryption requires an encryption key that you can make up yourself or you can generate a random one using the dd command as shown here. Looking back, I really did it for the challenge, and also because we all get stupid some of the time. I had so many headaches with it that I thought one of my very first Web pages should be about my little nightmare warning people about how to do it right. With this in mind, it is usually best to isolate this type of wireless network completely from your internal, trusted, and wired one.

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Click on the connection to use it.

Mark for install and then apply. I wonder if I can really recommend that solution though Always check the compatibility lists before buying your wireless hardware.

Let me know if this helps If you choose to download the purpose built kernel then do so. Remember to also make the activation permanent.

You linu find hardware compatibility lists for Wireless Tools quite easily on popular search engines. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I thought wireless Linux would be easy, but at the time it wasn’t.

For this reason, do your homework. Take a closer look. The website’s list provides the names of drivers that are known to work.

Quick HOWTO : Ch13 : Linux Wireless Networking

As expected, you need to use the same encryption scheme on all devices on your network for communication to be successful. Also, if you search the wireless forum you’ll find lots of information about wireless cards.

Friday 24 July at 7: Some types of network architectures make the wireless router only have access to the Internet, and no where else, via its own dedicated DSL line. A wireless access point WAP is a device that acts as the central hub of all wireless data communications.

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The dmesg command will give status messages for the loading of both your NIC driver and the ndiswrapper module. Fortunately this recovery procedure should get your system to function correctly.

Compile the kernel and its modules with the following series of make commands. With the knowledge gained in the chapters in Part 1 of the book you will be able to configure a Linux file and DHCP server on small network with relative linuc.

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I would like to purchase a wireless desktop card and want to make sure of compatibilty before I buy. For the wireless mode, Managed means that there is a wireless access point WAP on the network and Ad-hoc signifies that there is none. Now you can use the ifup command to activate the NIC, and the iwconfig command will show the interface as connecting correctly to an access point at 54 Mbps. Retrieved from ” http: Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

If you upgrade your kernel, ndiswrapper can stop working. If there is a conflict, there will usually be a warning or “IRQ also used by The iwspy command provides statistics on the quality of the link between your NIC and another wireless device on the network.

[xubuntu] How to get Linksys WMP11 to work with linux

With Fedora, You can adjust the data rate up to the Before you consider making a Linux server wireless capable, however, make sure you purchase a NIC that is Linux compatible.

I do realize this is a copy of my 2nd account, but it a question that so far, I have not gotten a good answer to. The Linux ndiswrapper software suite, available from ndiswrapper. It works perfectly for me.