Check the copy settings registered with the selected copy program. Screen when a Punch setting is selected cm Page 31 In order to use the fax functions, the optional fax kit must be purchased sep- arately. The adjusted test pattern is printed. Selecting the appropriate setting prevents the copy from being printed upside-down when making double-sided copies from single-sided original or when making single-sided copies from double-sided originals. The Insert Sheet screen appears. Select the paper tray loaded with the desired paper.

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Replace oce 5520 fol- lowing the instructions. Application functions The document is scanned, then saved as a registered overlay. Raise the document feed tray as far as possible, and then remove all oce 5520 ument pages from the document output tray. Touch [Login] or press the [Access] key.

Turning on the dehumidifier heater reduces moisture in the paper. Print Without Authentication Description Default Setting Select whether or not oce 5520 is permitted without specifying a user or Restrict account.

Return guide lever FN2 to its original position. Replacing the waste toner box For oce 5520 document that contains only text, touch [Text].

Page A maximum of 10 envelopes can be loaded into the bypass tray. Release the securing le- ver for the imaging unit. Touch [OK], and then touch [OK] in the next two screens that appear. Type in the administrator password, oce 5520 then touch [OK].

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Oce 5520 keypad can also be used to type in numbers. Page 99 Oce 5520 the machine is oe off, the 55520 plate cannot be raised. A copy job can be reserved while the Basic screen in Copy mode is displayed. If this oc- curs, clean the print head according to the following procedure.

If a minutes setting of less than 5 is entered, the setting changes to 5 minutes. The Job List screen appears. The page arrangement Numbering Direction setting can be specified.

The Oce 5520 Access to Destinations screen appears. The button must be displayed.

The same operation is performed with double-sided copying. If the sorting oce 5520 are met, printed copies are fed out 55520 sorted in an alternating crisscross pattern. The types of jobs that can be selected differ depending on the selected tab. Page 97 Be careful not to touch the surface of the paper oce 5520 roller with your hands.

How oce 5520 sheets of paper and other me- Lateral dia oce 5520 be loaded? Page 86 Page 87 – When “Card Authentication” has been spec 55220 [OK], and then touch [Close] in the next screen that appears.

Oce 5520 — If the edge of the pa- per cannot be grabbed, turn the misfeed-clearing dial to feed out the paper. Paper that oce 5520 not been loaded should be kept wrapped or placed in a plas- tic bag and stored in a cool, dark location with little humidity.


oce 5520 Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying punch scrap box Slowly peel off the stop- per tape. Close the main power switch cover. When the [Power] auxiliary power key is turned off, the machine enters a state where it conserves energy. The Punch Horizontal Position Adjustment screen appears. Settings modethe oce 5520 can be set so that the screen for entering the password for non-business hours is not displayed.