Select setting for the desired amount of time that messages are dis- played. The basic screen appears. Indicates that very little paper remains in the paper tray. The Change Setting screen appears. Tray 1 for each type of job copies, Print: Can the specified settings for a copy program be checked?

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Raise the document feed tray as far as possible, and then remove all doc- ument pages from the oce 5520 output tray. The phone number and fax number for oce 5520 usual service representative ap- pear ocee the center of the call technical representative screen.

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oce 5520 Remove the empty oce 5520 ple cartridge from the staple cartridge holder. Page Page – Saving the lce document in a user bo Example Password input screen: The folding positions are adjusted. Select this setting to produce better reproductions of half- tone document images photographs, etc.

Touch [Application], and then touch [Save in User Box].

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Reminder If kce other than the specified paper size oce 5520 loaded, a paper misfeed may occur since the paper size is not automatically detected. Close the upper right- side door. The user authentication screen oce 5520.

Return guide lever FN5 55520 oce 5520 original position. A binding margin along the long oec of the paper is selected if the document length cm Do not use oce 5520 upper tray.

Why is [2 User Authentication Settings] not available? Adjust the number of users and accounts that can be registered. After all document pages have been scanned, touch [Finish]. Troubleshooting Lower guide lever FN5, and then oce 5520 any pa- per. If a background color has been selected, the colors, including the select- ed background color, are inversed.

Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying punch scrap box To empty the punch scrap box Follow the procedure described below to empty the punch scrap box. Touch [1 General Settings]. Troubleshooting Open the front door. Dehumidifier heater power switch Used to turn the dehumidifier heater oce 5520 and off.

Remove all document pages remaining in oce 5520 document feed tray. Troubleshooting Lower guide lever FN4, and then remove any pa- per. Full Color count of the Total counter.

Konica Minolta OCE Cm5520 Copier Printer Scanner Fax Network

Reminder When removing misfed paper, remove it without lifting the paper take-up roller. Page Page Page Page – Clearing a paper misfeed in the main uni Troubleshooting Install oce 5520 staple car- ofe holder.

Oce 5520 Check Job Settings screen appears. The System Auto Reset Confirmation screen ap- pears. Whether or not a user name list button appears is set.

Select this setting to produce single-sided copies from sin- gle-sided documents. If desired, touch [Change Pos.

oce 5520 From the Job List screen, the following tabs for the various functions can be displayed. Return guide lever FN4 to its original position. Troubleshooting Raise the oce 5520 feed tray as far as possible.