Checking The Toner Level If the misfed original cannot be easily removedfrom the exit area, open the moveable part of thedocument feeder tray and remove the original. Advantages The reliable Olivetti D-copia 20W black and white digital copier is very easy to use and setup. During periods when the machine is not used for a long time,remove the paper from the tray and store it in a dark place in abag to prevent moisture absorption. For more info, click the “Delivery info” link at the bottom of the page. An impressive yield of 16, pages ensures that the Olivetti 20W copier toner is very cost-effective.

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The transfer charger is dirty.

Copies cannot bemade until the machine has finished warming up. Design This compact model measures x x 55 mm and weighs Exercise care in this area d-opia removing misfed paper. Loading The Bypass Tray The Printed Image Is Dirty All in One Printer Size: Your manual failed to upload Select from twooriginal types and five exposure levels for each original type.

Olivetti d-Copia 20w

Check the blinking misfeed location indicator to identify the location of the misfeed and remove it. Costs 50 QAR per order. Loading the paper tray1Gently lift and pull out olivettj paper trayuntil it stops. About The Operation Manuals Power Save Modes Dette udstyr overholder kravene i direktiv nr.

Note1Interrupt d-opia is not possible when the user programs are being configured. Whether you are looking for stationery for home, the office or at school Cartridge Shop will be able to help.

Indicators and display messages – Olivetti d-Copia 20W User Manual

Cartridge Shop olvetti an authorised reseller for Light My Life and has a vast range which you can browse by base or shape. Copies are smudged or dirty. Dual page copying cannot be used in combination with the enlargement copying. The copy will be delivered to the paper outputtray. Paper Cartridge Shop has a wide range of paper available from laminate to semi-gloss, including branded paper supplies.

Power On And Off The paper output tray is full. To purchase optional equipment and supplies,contact your authorised service representative. Based on 4 Review s.

Carefully remove the misfed paper. The misfeed indicator will go out. Ask us a question we’re happy to help!

Misfeed in thetransport area”. Doing so may damage your eyes. Xy Zoom Copying Ask us a question we’re happy to help! This model has already been replaced by new units that can deliver better output faster. You can also make themisfeed indicator stopblinking by opening andclosing the feeding rollercover or the right sidecover.