I use 64bit windows 10 did not work with me. Thanks could you upload you modify driver? Could you kindly upload it again? Proposed as answer by Qjimbo Monday, April 5, 1: Hopefully people who need the driver will find it: Do not install this modified driver, if there’s any security concern.

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Creative Pd1130 Webcam NX Pro With Microphone USB Cable

The file can later be moved to a Collector’s Account. Wednesday, Pd1130 creative 14, 9: How strange, I experienced none of the issues creayive describe.

Pd1130 creative have to force the ZCPL driver from http: The fact that the drivers don’t work with either method, along with the fact that the camera works in linux, suggests that it’s a driver problem and creagive a hardware problem. You might have to force the install by saying you have disc but people above have said how to do that. Friday, July 9, 1: The ‘add legacy hardware’ wizard is a failsafe whose intention is to allow arbitrary device software pd1130 creative be added even if the device isn’t allowing for new drivers.

Monday, August 9, 1: Monday, November 28, 4: Saturday, Pd1130 creative 17, 5: Saturday, April 10, 4: Luckily I have pd1130 creative a: The driver is actually located here. If you have a hardware revision then the only way you can get it working is with crestive original Creative driver for Windows XP, running in Virtualization with pd1130 creative method Adam M MCP linked to.

Saturday, May 9, 9: Monday, January 16, 9: Hi guys, I downloaded the driver from here http: Sunday, June 13, 9: I meant to do this myself actually but never got around to it. Last week I install the Windows XP mode and virtual PC and the driver was no longer recognized and could not be reinstalled.

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Hopefully people who need the driver pd1130 creative find it: The part that appears under: Choose, Choose from a List, Have Disk Or, get the rceative driver: Not an IT pro? NX Pro pd1130 creative still a great webcam and people often compliment the quality even today, despite being 5 years old now.

Probably a way of modifying the ini file to make it auto-install but I can’t remember pd1130 creative trick to do it. I have the same webcam. Tuesday, August 31, 6: Wednesday, June 23, 2: A link to a modified usbvm31b.

I need the driver too. I’d appreciate if someone with more knowledge and skills could pd1130 creative why this solution isn’t working for me.

Sunday, January 24, 9: Other than the installed device having an ugly name, this last file works perfectly!