To counter Apple’s fancy new touch technology device, the iPod touch, Samsung unveiled their Samsung YP-P2 MP3 player which offers the same touch screen technology with a different interface. Some consumers are perfectly happy with the way their music sounds through stock buds, while others demand nothing but lossless codecs, high bitrates, and high-end headphones. Samsung claims that the updates are created based on customer feedback, and that they are the company’s way of expressing their care for their customers. All P2s purchased on or after September 14, , will have all the Blue Wave firmware updates preloaded. Below, there’s a small circular function LED light. The Samsung P2 is preinstalled with three different menu systems that require the use of the touchscreen.

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The unit that arrived in our lab was the 4GB model adorned in red. Once a selection is made, you’re taken to a detailed playback screen, samsung yp p2 sajsung the very bottom with onscreen back, contextual menu, and sound effect buttons. All three present the same set of icons videos, music, pictures, FM radio, datacasts, prime pack, file browser, Bluetooth, and setting samsung yp p2 different ways.

Samsung YP-P2 (4GB) review

Instead, you’ll find this is a great sounding player that offers a detailed soundscape and excellent definition. Its rounded back make it comfortable to hold, and it feels smooth and strong in samsung yp p2 hand. Back to that momentarily.

Each playlist can hold up to songs, which can be samsung yp p2 from the list both individually and all at once. Bluetooth features on the P2 include samsung yp p2 headphone compatibility A2DP with support for multiple headphones and remote control AVRCPBluetooth phone connectivity HFP with the ability to speak into the built-in microphone, and MTP capability allowing samsung yp p2 to transfer files between devices supporting this protocol. Saksung of which menu style is used, the interface throughout the system is the same.

However, it enters the market with Apple’s iPod touch and the innovative 3rd-generation iPod nano — tough competitors on all levels. On Samsunb 29,the first 4th Blue wave beta v5. Show More Show Less. Don’t show this samsung yp p2. Now if only it had an expansion card slot for ‘unlimited’ storage capacity, it would have been even more irresistible.

I truly like this MP3 player. Recent comments AA I know I’m late to the party, but I don’t use it because too many places still don’t accept it.

The very top of the display shows the time and battery meter, and the track name is always present a bit below that. Views Read Edit View history.

Tue, 19 Dec Even though the device is quite thin py. Fri, 03 Nov The P2 is light enough to comfortably hold in one hand in just about any position, but the included easy holder will take care samsung yp p2 anyone who prefers samsung yp p2 viewing.

Reviewed on 12th September User Interface The Samsung P2 is preinstalled with three different menu systems that require the use of the touchscreen.

There’s also a My Samsung yp p2 setting: A gesture-based navigation system makes browsing the P2 quite refreshing. The Bad Very few audio and video formats supported; bundled video conversion software is rubbish; no Audible support. Samsung claims that the updates are samsung yp p2 based on customer feedback, and that they are the company’s way of expressing their care for their customers.

YP-P2 | Samsung Support Gulf

Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. We’re happy to report that Samsung hasn’t sacrificed sound quality in the quest for innovation.

Dedicated volume buttons are on the left. Everything as described i Verified purchase: It sounds great and it’s easy to use, but the lack of support for samsung yp p2 and video formats seriously hinders just how attractive an alternative this is to players from Cowon and Apple Visit manufacturer site for details.

You can reach out to them here. The scrollbar on the right provides samsung yp p2 faster scrolling, but finding a particular song in a long list is still tricky because there are no alphabet cues to indicate where you are or to quickly jump to a desired letter.

You may select any visible option on the screen, even if it appears “farther away” on the screen. It’s not surprising then that there’s no love shown for FLAC, the lossless format that costs nothing to samsung yp p2 in a player.