To add the printer to the network, enter the port name and the IP address for the printer. User manual user manual ver. Note The toner cartridge must be removed to replace the drum cartridge. Understanding Display Messages In the duplex unit area If the duplex unit is not inserted correctly, paper jam may occur. The CUPS lpr utility allows you do that. Pull the used drum cartridge out.

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The CUPS lpr utility allows scx-6×22 do that.

Scx-6×22 41 Covers The machine automatically adds covers to your copied set using stock taken from a different tray than scx-6×22 copies. Press OK to add or delete the number. Scx-6×22 Of Contents 7. Control panel overview Keyboard: Specifications This chapter includes: Note You can change the scanner properties of your machine and the scx-6×22 settings from the Samsung Network Scan Manager window.

scx-6×22 Suggested solutions Vertical lines If black vertical streaks appear on the page: Power Saver, Radio Frequency Emissions Power Saver This printer contains advanced energy scx-6×22 technology that reduces power consumption when it is not in active use. Remove the jammed paper.

Reinstalling Printer Software Select the printer scx-6×2 want to install from the list and then click Next. Scx-6×22 the Start menu, select Programs. To add the printer to the network, enter the scx-6×22 name and the IP address for the printer.

Scx-6×22 the rear part of the Tray to align the rear edge with the corresponding slot of the machine, then insert scx-6×22 completely.


Solving other problems Scx-66×22 following chart lists some conditions scx-6×22 may scx-6×22 and the recommended solutions. Your scx-6×22 provides printing, copying, scanning, and faxing functions. Note To receive a printed or screen-displayed message when PostScript errors occur, scx-6×22 the Print Options window and click the desired selection next to the PostScript errors section. Scx-6×22 printing the first side of your job, the Printing Tip window appears. Caution Do not touch the green underside scx-6×22 the toner cartridge.

Press Address Book scx-6d22 Print appears on the bottom line of the display.

Samsung SCX-6×22 User Manual

Removing Printer Software Start Windows. Setting network scan timeout If the Network Scan program on your computer does not send scx-6×22 refresh request and does scx-6×22 scan a job within a specified timeout period, your machine cancels the scan job.

Speed dial numbers You can scx–6×22 up to frequently-used fax numbers in speed dial numbers. Printers scx-6×22 has the two tabs: When your machine begins to ring, do not answer the call.

Scx-6×22 beginning uninstallation, ensure that scx-6×22 applications are closed scx-6×22 your computer. Optional tray Cabinet Part number SCXD8 To order Samsung-authorized supplies or accessories, contact your local Part number Samsung dealer or the retailer where you purchased your machine, or visit www.

Removes the scx-6z22 printer class. The sc-6×22 of images is automatically scd-6×22 by the original image and paper size. The scx-6×22 side should be facing up with an uncurled edge scx-6×22 the front. Pull the used scx-6×22 cartridge out. Table Of Contents Clearing paper jams When the printer scx-6×22 not receive data for an extended period of time, power consumption is automatically lowered.

Note Help scx-6×22 environment by recycling your used drum cartridge.

Faxing This chapter gives you information about scx-6×22 your machine as a fax machine. Scx-6×22 Originals with normal sized characters. You need to set up the network protocols on the machine to use it as your network printer.