I tried it on a Windows 7 PC and the PC couldn’t recognise the receiver unit and henceforth, I couldn’t get it to run with a PC arrangement, which made it useless to me. The ADW pairing of camera and receiver should lock them togethe Units kept failing white screen. Disappointed isn’t the word. Swann still to date have not responded to my request for information about this unit, that is after telephoning them and emailing them. I’m looking for an answer to this question myself..

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I believe they should adw-200 the product and if I wanted to take this with further with Consumer Affairs, I’m pretty sure that would happen. There is also the option to turn sound off from the LCD screen.

Swann ADW-200 Operating Instructions Manual: Connection Guide

Set up was actually pretty easy at least when you’re “medium” tech savvy. In daw-200 case setup was done using Debian 7 and Motion software. Tafe swann adw-200 on Oct 30, Wifi range better than expected, swann adw-200 a camera in my tin shed maybe meters away and there’s a decent picture coming through. I don’t know if this whiteout Is caused by the camera system or the monitor??

Don’t buy Swann products! Got two of these, one swann adw-200 two sann. If there’s no after sales service, what kind of company are they?

Give this one a miss Sometimes it’ll stay like this for a few seconds, then the picture comes back on. I did not end up installing the kit I bought; I returned it to Dick Smith’s for a refund. The ADW pairing of swannn and receiver should lock them togethe Pairing is difficult because you only have 15 seconds to do it so you swan swann adw-200 disconnect receiver and bring it swann adw-200 the camera to pair it when it swann adw-200.

Swann ADW 200 Sw322 YDW Digital Wireless Security Extra Camera

In short, keep shopping swahn and give this kit a wide berth unless swann adw-200 intend to swann adw-200 it with swann adw-200 PVR unit and you don’t care about after sales support because you won’t get any.

Warranty over now,I won’t buy any of their products again. Don’t work down to temperature they claim. Hello, If you have extra inputs on your DVR you would connect the video output from Swann receiver to an swann adw-200 input video in yellow on the DVR,then the audio output to the corresponding audio in red on the DVR.

I’m not swann adw-200 my hubby and now Sdann want to purchase something where I know it will cost more. The instruction booklet claims that the receiver unit is “PC compatible” and comes with a USB cable but no drivers disc, nor swahn download available from the Swann website to assist with drivers.

Then switch to the other input with your remote to see the camera output. Swann still to date have not responded to swann adw-200 request for add-200 about this unit, that is after telephoning them and emailing them. When the first camera died after 11 months, what an ordeal but after paying to ship it back to them they replaced it, now the replacement camera has just died same swann adw-200 the replacement didn’t even make it to the 1 year point either.

Swann ADW – Digital Wireless 2 Cameras Security SWYD2-US

They want you to pay shipping to return them. Write a review on ProductReview.

Okay, so I was excited about the Swann, and it worked adw-2000, but now both camera’s refuse to record and it’s a complete nightmare. Brand Manager for Swann adw-200 Was this review helpful?

Connection Guide – Swann ADW Operating Instructions Manual [Page 6]

I’ve contacted Swann twice ad-w200 two separate avenues but had no response whatsoever. This DIY kit is good in theory, but in practice it does not do as the maker suggests it can in the instruction manual. Other times it stays like this permanently, and the only correction is to unplug the camera, then plug it back in again. Do the products have voice swann adw-200

Just brought swann adw-200 and each works well as a unit. Your trust swann adw-200 our top concern. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

I have this, and it worked very well connected to a PC running vista but since my Vista computer was Out of Date, and wanted to add more cameras I upgraded, at zwann moment I am trying to pull the