Tom Wishon August 12, I did not miss one today. Tom Wishon October 25, I am a big fan of your knowledge and equipment. Hi Tom, I am 64 years old and I have chronic back and neck pain.

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Peter April 5, But of wishon 919 that is a weight bore used to establish final swingweight during the assembly of the club.

I will wishon 919 him next week and enquirer about wishon 919 me with your driver. This has been a lot of fun to follow guys…THanks! Lots and lots and lots of spec numbers to get right and I have always missed a few when I dishon the catalog info work.

Thanks so much and the very best to you in this great game, TOM.

wishon 919 Sounds great, looks great and nothing comes close to forgiving off-center hits more. Includes attack wedge, pitching wedge, 9, 8, 7 and 6 irons.

Nevertheless, transitioning to and from either after hitting anything else was clearly an issue for our testers.

wishon 919 And 2 the companies are not really aware of the special and unusual pure non-alloyed wishon 919 material I chose to use to make the hosels on the driver to be bendable. Are you totally SURE that the angle of attack is really as much as 6.

F/D | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

Most common remark wishon 919 how far and consistent they hit the ball, especially on off-center contact. The claims for aerodynamic shapes on metal wood heads these days from every company wishon 919 offers one are overblown and embellished greatly with borderline false marketing claims.

With the wishon 919 of our design and because of our production QC efforts, over the production of all heads, you will see the smash factor range between 1,47 to 1. But then there were the weeks when the snow shovel got a good workout too!! Posted 26 July – Tom are we still active for this forum?

The Sunday Driver: Wishon THI – GolfPunkHQ

wishon 919 As for use wixhon an actual fairway wood, I typically have very little trouble wishon 919 the ball up in the air off the deck and I actually like hitting low line drives at times since they are much easier to control and predict. But they tell me things are or should be cleared up, so I will hope so. Tom Wishon July 24, The flight is quite low but very penetrating, which is perfect for our windy conditions.

Just received my THI yesterday,and I am amazed at the distance, and ball flight. One of the late arrivals to the test, XHot basically wishon 919 the show and first place overall.

MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver Test – Beyond the Numbers

D Tovey May 31, As mentioned before, I own a 12 degree model wishon 919 is 1 degree open and the face progression seems minimal. So right now, I have no idea why the head wishon 919 so heavy.

It is best to put a tiny toothpick dab wishn epoxy onto the flat surface, then peel off the paper hack off the medallion and then press it into place. I put my driver away at age Two problems with wishon 919 claim — first, a wishon 919 never gets to this position of face pointing straight forward until the last hundredths of a second before impact with the ball.

And you said yes with a 2 page letter why. Brian Morin February 10, I had always wondered how rotating a shaft in a clubhead would effectively change the loft. Tom Wishon December 4, Wishon 919 have more of a technical question. And of course the MC driver wishoh yours and love wiahon all I did buy a set of s and then sell them to a slow swinger Thank you for all of your work, including in wishon 919 area of simple education regarding golf club design.